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Caveau is a comprehensive software solution designed to reduce risk involved in handling credit cards and personal information in a GDPR, PCI and PII-friendly format. Choose the fast, easy and affordable way to PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS by achieving and maintaining PCI-DSS compliance today and into the future.

Introducing Your Personalized Credit Card Vault

Hackers and cyber thieves are tirelessly working to exploit unprotected services and steal your financial data. As you know, a single breach can result in negative publicity that damages your business for years to come. Reduce your risks with Caveau, the innovative, standardized PCI-compliant software that simplifies transactions and puts your credit card information in the vault!

Enterprise Grade Software

Built upon Amazon Web Services (AWS), our secure platform is scalable to your needs. Since Caveau is using serverless computing, there is no server to hack.

Instant PCI-Compliance

Our validated product is a single solution for maintaining PCI-compliance. Evaluated quarterly, you know your customer data remains under lock and key.

Administrative Control

Make fax authorization forms and non-secure tracking a thing of the past. The Caveau portal makes it simple for you to manage and control access to customer personal financial data.


On May 25, 2018, the EU introduced new regulations designed to strengthen and unify protocol for protecting sensitive personal information such as credit cards and financial data. EVERY business that processes personally identifiable information (PII) of individuals from the EU will be affected. DON’T underestimate the negative impact of GDPR if your company is non-compliant.

For many travel businesses, aligning with GDPR and PCI regulations on your own is virtually impossible. If you’re worried about:

Understanding and interpreting regulations

Identifying effective security measures

Costs of investing in state-of-the-art technologies

Massive fines and destructive negative press

CAVEAU, YOUR PERSONALIZED credit card vault, can help!


GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation

Approved by the EU Parliament, updated and expanded data privacy rules known as GDPR are in effect

PCI or Payment Card Industry Compliance

Founded by an alliance of major international credit card companies, the PCI Security Standards Council’s objective

DPO or Data Protection

A DPO is a staff member or external service provider appointed to oversee and report on data processing activities to

PII or Personally Identifiable Information

Pertaining to information security and privacy laws, PII is data maintained by a business or entity that on its own

GDS or Global Distribution System

Utilized throughout the industry, GDS are modern electronic network systems that allow travel agencies to instantaneously

PMS or Property Management Systems

An integrated computerized system used in hotels operations, PMS provide more efficient management of internal

Reap the Benefits of Caveau

Manually handling credit card details over the phone, online, by email or fax transmission is no longer safe or practical. Caveau is an all-in-one software platform that safeguards sensitive data exchanged at the point of transaction and puts your travel business on the cutting edge.

Simple Procedure

Secure payments processed in 3 easy-to-follow steps

Vault-Like Security

PCI-DSS compliant storage of credit card data and CVV if needed

Controlled Access

High security two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized credential use

Seamless Integration

Secure Javascript API compatible with GDS, PMS, online booking engines and OTAs

Custom Forms

Personalized credit card collection forms customized to your business and branding

Peerless Service

24/7 global technical support from knowledgeable and skilled industry professionals

Smooth Transactions

Time-sensitive expiration feature moves customers through purchasing process faster

Complete Records

Auto documentation of user, IP address, exact access time, and operation data

Easy to Use

Simple 3-step process ensures all representatives are executing secure payments

Safe Storage

Customer personal identifiable information (PII) and credit cards stored in PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance

Reduced Risks

Removes the threat of hacks and breaches when manually processing transactions

Less Work

Electronic system eliminates the time and paper trail of dealing with fax authorization forms

Dedicated Support

Around-the-clock emergency assistance provided by global technical support experts

PMS Integration

Intuitive software works with property management systems with no additional costs or requirements

Managed Access

Control who can access the system through high-security two-factor authentication

Complete Documentation

Automatically recorded user, IP, exact access time and operation data

Caveau is Right For You!

Time is running out to meet the deadline for new GDPR, PCI-DSS regulations that become law on May 25, 2018. Developed by a team of hotel technology industry experts, Caveau ensures you play it safe with compliance and avoid fines and confusion.

Your personalized credit card vault helps you:

Instantly comply with the latest GDPR requirements

Remove the risk of harmful reviews and negative publicity

Reduce costs managing secure financial transactions and data storage

Win consumer trust and increase booking revenues



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